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In the early morning of September 9, 2020, an immense fire completely devastated the Moria´s refugee camp, on the island of Lesbos, Greece. Moria Camp was the largest camp in Europe.


After several days of uncertainty,12,000 migrants were began to be relocated. Kara-Tepe would be the new designed place. An old military shooting range next to the sea, with many difficulties for providing electricity, basic hygiene services and places for food preparation.


Thousands of Afghan, Syrian and African families,among others, are victims of wars,violence and hunger on their places. Many of them, spend days, months or years waiting for an asylum application in search of a safe refuge and a decent life in a neighboring country.


Indifference, bureaucracy and lack of political will, has led these people to reformulate other ways of life. Men, women and children traveled for long days on the route that joins the old with the new field. They just look for food, a place to wash and rest or simply a moment of calm in this endless journey.

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